A full-service front-line seismic company, Front Runner Seismic Inc. specializes in HSE and project management, permitting, GIS mapping, seismic survey and Hand Brush Clearing.

Front Runner Seismic offers complete front-end services for gas and oil exploration projects and establishes a single point of contact for questions, concerns or project updates for customers. Our streamlined system eliminates the finger pointing and communications breakdown that can result from using multiple subcontractors for geophysical services.

Front Runner Seismic's unique cross-training program creates a continuity that leads to consistent results and continuous client communication. Instead of seeing one crew for every stage of front-end work, our crews are training in all aspects of front-line services, meaning you'll see the same faces on the jobsite throughout the project, eliminating communication problems and work handoff issues. Our onsite team will work and monitor a project from day one until front-line services are completed. By taking this streamlined approach to front-end services, Front Runner Seismic reduces the risks and eliminates the stress of potential problems.

Our complete front-end package of services includes:

  • HSE management, audits and reporting to mitigate safety and environmental concerns;
  • Seismic permitting expertise to help cut through the red tape;
  • GIS mapping to provide a clear picture of the area;
  • Seismic survey to shed light on potential hazards that may impact project design; and
  • Hand cutting and brush clearing to make way for the next phase of work.

Front Runner Seismic's experts act as your in-house seismic consulting service, making sure projects stay on schedule and on budget. A leader in difficult and sensitive work environments, Front Runner Seismic ensures safety, accountability and accuracy on every job.