Safety is not "#1" or "Top Priority"... "IT'S IN EVERYTHING WE DO"! It's how we get ready for our daily safety meetings, and how we drive to the field, and how we go about our work day, eat lunch, and go to sleep at night. Safety is a frame of mind and a culture we live in our everyday life at Front Runner Seismic, Inc.

Front Runner Seismic's unique cross-training program for all employees means every crew member walking onto a jobsite understands the big picture goals and concerns of working in that environment. By providing each employee at every level with a greater understanding of the complete seismic process and the oil and gas exploration industry, Front Runner Seismic consistently produces quality results for our clients.

Continuous Improvement

Our operating policies, procedures and safety practices have been carefully designed based on years of field experience. In addition, Front Runner Seismic is committed to being responsive to customer and employee suggestions to make us better and safer, and we are continually evaluating and improving our training, safety and communications practices to meet the demands of working in more challenging environments and to surpass safety standards.

Front Runner Seismic strives to ensure risk-free operations for our valued clients and crew members.